Obama’s failings threaten six million Jews

18/09/2012 14:03

With new figures showing that the Jewish population of Israel has reached the ominous figure of six million, President Obama needs to stop prevaricating over the issue of Iran and commit himself to a US-led mission or give Israel the green light to attack unilaterally.

Obama, however, seems relatively unconcerned about the fate of six million Jews and the 1.5 million Arabs who live in Israel, preferring instead to worry about how the issue is effecting his campaign for a second term in office.

Perhaps this is not surprising. According to a poll by Chicago Council for Global Affairs, the majority of Americans are against a US-led attack on Iran. The shadow of the Iraq war and the domestic economy no doubt explain this attitude of caution.

But Obama – as leader of the free world – also has a duty of care towards those who are threatened by belligerent regimes.  Despite international condemnation, George W Bush was right to come to the aid of Iraqis who were oppressed by  their own leader. Now, it is time for Obama to assist Israel in the destruction of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Of course, there is a big difference between helping the dispossessed people of Iraq and assisting the technologically-advanced Israelis. But the truth is, Israel has a limited ability to destroy Iran’s weapons capability, whilst the US is unhindered by such limitations.

But it’s not just about weapons. It’s about providing reassurance to Israel. Obama has failed to guarantee the security of the Jewish state, which only serves to strengthen Iran’s hand.

By refusing to draw red lines, Obama is sending out the signal that Israel’s security is less important than the niceties of diplomatic talks. Obama’s personal dislike of Netanyahu and his reluctance to meet the Israeli leader is also a sign of the president’s weakness.

The Islamic regime has made it absolutely clear what its intentions are towards Israel and is accelerating its nuclear program. And yet Obama continues to argue that sanctions and soft diplomacy are the best way forward.

This is hardly reassuring for Israel, which faces its first major existential threat since the Yom Kippur War of 1973. Israel cannot afford to wait much longer. While it would be preferable for the US to lead the way, Israel still has the capability to at least slow down Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Obama should not stand in the way.

Obama’s lack of clarity and direction needs to be replaced by some clear and hard thinking. If he is not willing to assist Israel, then he must allow the Jewish state to take action on its own. Otherwise, six million Israeli Jews face the prospect of a deadly attack from an Islamic regime armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction.

Put simply, Obama has a moral duty to help prevent a second holocaust.